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Public Safety Group believes that seamless integration orchestrates systems, people and technology to produce outcomes that satisfy customer needs.

The human element.

Networks, workstations, keyboards and other Comm center technology must function in one smooth, continuous operation. But a successful Public Safety system must also facilitate, support and enhance unit cohesiveness by integrating the human element. It takes a personal approach to orchestrate the talents of call takers, dispatchers, EMTs, firefighters, supervisors and other key personnel.

Not all subsystems are created equal.

Part of the systems integration challenge is to identify those aspects of the existing Public Safety system that enhance overall performance and those that do not. How do you decide what stays—and what doesn't? Our experienced analysts can help you make decisions based on factors like length of useful life, software or hardware obsolescence, capacity, functionality and cost.

Change the system, change the culture.

Users experience a temporary productivity dip when a new system is first implemented. System support from Public Safety Group takes this into account. Helping set the expectations of users is helpful when working them through their learning curve.

Ultimately, acceptance of the upgraded, integrated PSAP hardware and software will effect long-term culture change. When users have achieved an adequate level of system proficiency, they will experience satisfaction and feel firmly in control of the technology that's there to help them perform their tasks.

Timetables—a phased approach.

It may be impractical to expect an integrated public safety system to achieve its goals in a single phase. Our professional specialists will compare your project to others that they have led to successful outcomes, Public Safety Group consultants guide you on the best path to sequence and schedule project phases. With our involvement in the design of your master plan, you can count on support from Public Safety Group throughout the execution of your multi-phase program.