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Public Safety Group believes that successful solutions speed the process of standing up a public safety communication system without losing focus on the unique needs of the customer.

Practicality first.

Public Safety Group turnkey solutions are designed by engineers and consultants who have gained industry recognition as forward-thinkers. Ensuring that our solutions are dependable and durable, Public Safety Group embraces new technologies cautiously, mindful of the need to minimize risk. For these reasons, Public Safety Group is known for its practicality—for operational solutions that capture customer requirements and accomplish their mission.

Let us handle it.

Public Safety Group is easy to do business with. Leave it to us—we'll manage the procurement and documentation required to acquire your large-scale system. There is no need for you to consume time and manpower by producing complex documents like RFPs, RFIs and RFQs.

Performance—demanded and delivered.

Once the award is made, we continue to support the procurement, acquisition and acceptance of the system you've contracted to create. We help track your budget. And Public Safety Group ensures that supporting contractors are held to the high standards of performance you deserve and that we demand for you.

By your side.

Public Safety Group specialists, among them former government employees, understand the regulatory side of communications in a public safety system. The master plan establishes built-in compliance, but if interaction with FCC or other regulatory bodies is required, Public Safety Group will be your advocate and adviser.

We know the territory.

Jurisdiction is often a factor in the implementation of Public Safety systems. Public Safety Group has had direct experience with numerous state, local and federal government bodies. We speak the language and bring credibility to bear on policy decisions that can make or break the effectiveness of the solution we've created with our customer.

Technology: Advanced but unobtrusive.

Undoubtedly, Next Gen 911 has launched a quantum leap in capabilities—with a breathtaking new number of data points generating a volume of information that demands new technology to process. GPS technology is nearly ubiquitous. But, regardless of technological advances made, the Public Safety Group philosophy remains the same. Our goal is seamless integration—making technology transparent to public safety personnel, and leaving them free to focus on their critical mission.

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